4.8 V, 2400 mAh, 4/5A Pack, Flat

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Our 4/5A pack is great when you need a battery just a bit bigger then the normal AA sizes. Packing 2400mAh, you will be able to feed your hungry servos for a long time.
  • Our 4/5A cells pack plenty of juice to keep your servos singing happily along. 

    Size: 67mm x 44.5mm x 17.2mm (2.6" x 1.75" x .67")
    Weight: 129 grams (4.5 oz)
    Voltage: 4.8 V
    Capacity: 2400 mAh
    Cells: 4
    Cell type: 4/5A NiMH
    Connector: JR, 2-pin female

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