7.2 V 2600 AA NiMH QX7 Transmitter Pack

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 Increase the run time of your Taranis QX7 to 14hrs.

  • 14 hour plus, run times from 18.7 watt hours.

    Made of high quality matched 2600 mAh AA LSD NiMH cells. This pack comes with a cable, that plugs into the transmitter and then into this pack. The idea behind this is to prevent fatiguing the circuit board every time you unplug/plug-in your battery for charging.

    This pack also comes with a charge cable that allows charging with any smart charger that has a NiHM setting and an XT60 output. 

    May you fly long....

    Nominal Voltage7.2
    Nominal Capacity mAh2600
    Standard Charge mA260 (0.1C)
    Fast Charge mA1300 (0.5)
    Discharge Cut-off Voltage6
    Maximum Discharge Current mA3900 (1.5C)
    Dimensions-86 x 52 x 15mm (3.38 x 2.04x .59in)
    Cell TypeAA NiMH LSD
    Weight186g (6.5oz)
  • Customer Reviews

    Great Pack!

    Great pack. Just needs a little foam around the sides to keep it tight. I also purchased the charge kit and what a great combination. No more popping batts in and out! Review by Steve • (Posted on 6/10/2017)


    Well, it works, it just rattles around, it would be nice if Aloft included a foam enclosure to eliminate this, I opted to buy a 8 pack of Eneloop batteries from Amazon and use the internal tray. it adds some heft to the radio and makes it feel well balanced,But that's just one persons opinion, on the good side not that all that was bad, it was shipped super fast with my other items which is a big plus, will definatly shop here again..

    Aloft Note: We suggest a little foam padding, velcro or even the bubble wrap it came in to secure the battery from moving in the battery bay. Review by kjwright12 • (Posted on 4/28/2017)

    Simply an awesome kit!

    Really neat pack and it comes with everything needed to replace the original solution. Another good thing is that it comes with that extra lead (to extend the port on main board), which make the charge process easy.
    Review by 0xedd1e • (Posted on 4/23/2017)

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