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The GO DLG by ArmSoar
ArmSoar GO

ArmSoar GO - Flourescent Orange

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ArmSoar GO

ArmSoar GO - Flourescent Green

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  •  We here at Aloft are pleased to present the GO DLG! An excellent beginner / intermediate ship that has been well received by the discus launch community. If you are looking for your first DLG or would like a slightly smaller ship that fits easily into the car, the GO is definitely worth considering!

    A well thought out design, the GO has been manufactured to be a good quality, entry level DLG, with the aim of having the best possible performance for the price point. To achieve higher performance, an effort was made to reduce weight and loading. The GOs' wing span was shortened to 1.3 meters but maintains the area of a modern high aspect ratio 1.5 meter. The resulting increase in wing chord, provides gentle and forgiving flight characteristics.

    Like the more expensive competition ships, the Go has a one piece wing. The wing is constructed from CNC milled foam cores and is laid up in a one piece mold. The advantages of a one piece wing are strength, weight and a MUCH faster assembly time. None of the tedious labor involved in creating hard points and joining wing halves as with traditional bagged wings. Yay!

    The GO design also addresses a typical issue that pod and boom fuselages have. Pod and boom fuselages are prone to breaking at the joint where the boom is glued to the fuse. The GO has been designed such that the wing is connected directly to the boom instead of the fuse. This transmits launch loads directly into the boom, instead of through the fuse and then into the boom, increasing stiffness and reliability. 

    Assembly of the GO is pretty straightforward and is actually considerably easier than most entry level ships, due to the one piece wing. ArmSoar has created a very nice set of build instructions and If you would like to peruse them you can find them here.

    I could go on and on about what I like about the GO but will end by saying this. I believe ArmSoar hit their mark with this design. It is an affordable entry into Discus Launch. It easier to build and to transport and has the potential to be a great beginner ship as well as a fun to fly, take along ship for the more experienced pilot.



    • Span 1.3m (51.1in)
    • Area 19.5dm (302.3in²)
    • Airfoil AG Series
    • AUW 250 - 260g
    • CG 80 - 85mm from leading edge


    • Speed     0mm
    • Cruise     2mm down
    • Thermal  4mm down



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