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Arsen F3B / F3F

Arsen F3B / F3F


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Arsen F3B / F3F

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The Arsen, a highly competitive 3 meter race machine at an affordable price.

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Sanda Models is a European manufacturer that has been producing competition models exclusively for nearly two decades. Competition level performance, fit and finish are Sandas' credo. 

The Arsen wing is molded from carbon and fiberglass. In between the layers of carbon and fiberglass is a layer of Herex foam which separates the inner and outer wing skins giving them their high stiffness and resistance to torsional loads. The fuselage is molded from fiberglass and reinforced with carbon tow in the high stress areas. This results in a light air-frame that is stiff but reasonably flexible.

We like that the Arsens slip-on nosecone clicks into place, no need to tape it on. We also like that it comes with a pre installed adjustable towhook . The control surfaces are precut, hinges relieved, and gap wipers installed.  All control horns are installed and the V-tail controll horns come with the ball links soldered into place.  

The Arsen comes with 4lbs / 1.814kg of ballast. The small brass bars fit into the wing spar while the larger ones slide into pockets in the roots of the wing.

 The Arsen is smooth and graceful, tracks beautifully and retains energy like a champ.

All in all, an excellent molded composite, sailplane.

  • Span: 119.6" / 3040mm 
  • Length: 59.05" / 1500mm
  • Controls: Ailerons, Flaps, Elevator, Rudder.
  • V - Tail
  • Servos: 10mm thick. Recommended: Wing - KST DS125mg. Fuse - KST DS145mg

Please email us for info on color availability.

Additional Information

Design Colors No
Version No
Airfoil DP Sections 1.89 / 7.83
Wingspan 119.6" / 3040mm
Wing Area 919 sq. inches. / 59.3dm
Length 59.054" / 1500mm
Empty Weight 70.5oz / 2000 grams
RTF Weight 77.6 - 151.6oz. / 2200 - 4300 grams
Controls No
Construction No
Recommended Setup


  • Wings: KST DS125 MG
  • Fuselage: KST DS145 MG


  • 105 mm from the leading edge
  1. Great buy for the money and you'll be suprised by the performance. review by Scott on 6/10/2016

    I picked up an F3B Arsen by Sanda Models back in late March. It was well packed and protected. The plane came with full ballast package. It did not have a servo tray or servo linkage. The wings have pockets for LDS but I did conventional top drive. The fuse had carbon rods for the V's , and I used threaded 4-40 and JB weld for servo linkage. Assembly was very straight forward and the plane went together fast. The Arsen is a very good all rounder. I only have 4 days on it so far but does everything well, thermals, crisp handling, and better speed than expected. I'm still working on snap flap but have done a few runs on flat land and it pops thru the turns hard with good energy retention. I can honestly say "I LIKE IT" ! It is a good bang for your buck plane. I'd give it 4.5 STARS.

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