BabyHawk Brushless Micro Quad

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Say hello to the Emax BabyHawk. 
  • First impressions of the BabyHawk around the shop have been very favorable. The BabyHawk is not the lightest nor the most powerful micro on the market but it is a fun quad, in the same way a TinyWhoop is fun. You can't quite put your finger on it and you can't put it down either. It's just has that little bit of magic that makes it very enjoyable to fly.

    The BabyHawk is sporting 1104 brushless motors which are being driven by Bullet 6A esc's and those are controlled by Emax's new Femto F3 micro flight controller. Video is collected by an 800TVL CMOS camera and transmitted by a 32 channel, 25mW transmitter. 

    You will need to install your own Rx and provide your own 2s - 300 ish mAh battery.


    What's included:

    • Fully built BabyHawk 
    • Propeller cage kit
    • 2 sets of propellers
    • All the hardware required to install props and prop cage
    • Instruction manual


    • Wheelbase:  87mm
    • FC:               Femto Micro F3 flight controller running Betaflight 
    • RX:               Not Included
    • Battery:         2s 300mAh Not Included
    • Motors:         Emax 1104-5250KV 
    • ESC's:          Emax Bullet 6A  BLheli-S 
    • VTX:             32CH / 25mw
    • Camera:       800TVL / 150°
    • Weight:         86 grams RTF (with prop cage) 
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