Banana Plug to XT60 Male Adapter

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Connects your XT60 terminated battery to your battery charger.
  • Being made from high quality materials makes our battery adapter cables a true bargain.

    On one end we have the ubiquitous banana plugs that plug into the battery charger; at the other end, a male XT60. This cable is useful for connecting a single battery to a charger or can be used to connect a charger to a parallel board.

    The cable is comprised of gold plated banana plugs, 12g silicone insulated wire and the new style XT60 that has a pull grip. 

    The cable comes in two sizes:

    • 300mm (11.8in)
    • 150mm (5.9in) 

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    Highly Recommended

    Very well made from very high-quality components. Highly recommended. Review by Woody • (Posted on 3/1/2017)

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