BL Heli 12 Amp ESC

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Bl Heli 12 amp, One Shot Enabled, high performance multi rotor ESC.
  • Open Source ESC firmware, has revolutionized the performance of multirotors. Whether you're a racer or a performance enthusiast you'll enjoy the much increased throttle response, sharper maneuvering and Ohh,,,, the sound!

    • BLHeli, One Shot Enabled.
    • Fully Programmable, using programming card or transmitter. 
    • Motor Direction is programmable.
    • Can also be used for Fixed wing craft and Helis.
    • Dimensions 42 x 20 x 8 mm
    • Weight  11 grams
    Burst Amps15
    Voltage8v-16v (2-4s)
    BEC type/size1A / 5V
  • Customer Reviews

    Nicely made, but beware the incorrect BEC spec.

    A 5 star product if it met advertised BEC specs.

    This is a nicely laid out and made board, it's actual dimensions are about 20 x 25mm excluding the 220uf 25v input filter cap. Weigh is right at 5 grams stripped, and it uses a Silicon Labs C8051F330 10 bit 25mhz MCU.

    The only real down side to a nice package is the Unisonic Technologies 78D05 Linear regulator which provides BEC function (and the meager onboard 5V requirements) The rating of this device is 5V@500ma (0.5a), NOT the 1A advertised and printed on the tag.

    Those of you using this little ESC for fixed wing applications will likely find it a bit light for reliable servo/Rx power unless you are building a very light indoor plane with very small servos. It should do OK for Flightcontroller/rx power on quads, especially if you share the load amongst 2 (or 4) escs.
    Linear regulators usually are OK to run in parallel (unlike most switch mode regulators) to boost capacity, but use caution.
    A separate BEC is probably the best solution unless weight/space are critical.

    This is a deal breaker for those hoping to use these 28-32" EPP 3D planes and will be working 3 or 4 9gr servos hard. (Which was my plan - I ended up adding a 3A switching BEC for servo/Rx duty.

    This would be a 5 star winner if Emax installs the claimed 1A linear regulator, and a "GOTO" ESC for the flat foamy guys if they offered it in a 2 or 3A Switchmode BEC version.
    As it stands, for most users, who will be using these on smaller quads, it won't be an issue at all.

    I'm impressed with the 12A model (despite the BEC) enough that I'm ordering a couple of the 80a models for 2 of my larger electric planes. Look for my report on those soon.
    Review by Scott • (Posted on 2/19/2017)

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