BL Heli 30 Amp Opto ESC

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Bl Heli 30 amp, One Shot Enabled, high performance multi rotor ESC.
  • Open Source ESC firmware, has revolutionized the performance of multirotors. Whether you're a racer or a performance enthusiast you'll enjoy the much increased throttle response, sharper maneuvering and Ohh,,,, the sound!

    • BLHeli, One Shot Enabled.
    • Fully Programmable, using programming card or transmitter. 
    • Motor Direction is programmable.
    • Can also be used for Fixed wing craft and Helis.
    • Opto ESC so no BEC ;)
    • Dimensions  67 x 26 x 10 mm
    • Weight  25 grams
    Burst Amps40
    Voltage8v-24v (2-6s)
    BEC type/sizeNA
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