Emax MT2206 1900kv Multi Rotor Motor

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Light, powerful and very well made, the Emax MT series of motors are a great choice for your next multi rotor build.

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  • Welcome to the Emax MT line of high quality multi rotor motors. Excellent machining, silky smooth japanese NMB ball bearings and precision balancing make the MT series a bargain, even at higher price points. I think that you will appreciate the attention to detail that has been given to this motor. Tight windings, silicone wire sheathing and a fine toothed, well insulated stator, made by Kawasaki. Included with the motor are two sets of mounting screws and a nice allen wrench with a ball hex at one end and all of that packaged in a padded plastic storage case. We love flying these motors and we think you will too.


    KV (rpm/V)1900
    Prop Size6"-8"
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