Fastener Assortment Pack - Helicopter (Metric Cap Screws)

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 An Assortment pack of Metric Cap Screws, nuts and washers from Micro Fasteners.

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  • While Labeled as the "helicopter" assortment pack, anyone who would like to have a high quality assortment of metric cap screws on hand will find this kit handy to have around.

    Here's the list of what you get.

    10 pieces of each size, unless otherwise noted.

    Cap screws:

    • M2 X 12mm
    • M2.5 X 16mm
    • M3 X 6mm
    • M3 X 8mm
    • M3 X 10mm
    • M3 X 12mm
    • M3 X 16mm
    • M3 X 20mm
    • M3 X 25mm
    • M3 X 30mm
    • M4 X 12mm
    • M4 X 20mm

    Hex Nuts:

    • M2.5 
    • M3 Nylon Insert locknuts. 20 pieces


    • M2 - 50 pieces
    • M3 - 50 pieces
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