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FrSky D2530 (D25MA) Wing Servo - 2.60Kg (36 oz in), .12/sec - SBUS, CPPM, PWM

FrSky D2530 (D25MA) Wing Servo - 2.60Kg (36 oz in), .12/sec - SBUS, CPPM, PWM


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FrSky D2530 (D25MA) Wing Servo - 2.60Kg (36 oz in), .12/sec - SBUS, CPPM, PWM

Quick Overview

An all metal, dual bearing wing mount servo that can use normal PWM or CPPM or SBUS feeds and al at a great price.

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Ok lets just start off with the most common question;

What is CPPM and SBUS?

Answer: Both CPPM and SBUS are special outputs from a receiver that carry all 8 (or more) channels on a single servo connector. You can output 16 channels on a single connection using SBUS, and 8 channels using CPPM. This is great for flight controllers in multi-rotor aircraft as we no longer need to have a bunch of wires to connect each channel. Now this is also great for aircraft as we can clean up the wire mess in our planes, and do some unique installs. 

No one has made an affordable SBUS servo until now, and I'm not sure anyone has made a CPPM servo, and I doubt anyone has made a single servo that can work with all three formats. The D25SA and D25MA from FrSky not only work with SBUS and CPPM, but they can connect to a normal pulse width modulation (PWM) normal servo output. This makes your investment in servos much easier. 

Many modern receivers now offer CPPM or SBUS ports built right into them, you can simply plug these servos into that port and the servo will respond to whatever channel you tell it to respond to. Need to add another servo to your plane? Just use a "Y" splitter extension and ad another. No expensive hubs are needed. You will need a channel changer to set the servo to the desired channel, once set, that servo will respond to only that channel. 


NOTE: CPPM mode is not currently an option as a new channel changer from FrSky will be required for this feature.

Additional Information

Servo Type Digital
Gear Type Metal
Stall Torque 2.6Kg.cm@6.0V, 2.1Kg.cm@4.8V
Speed 0.12 sec/60° @ 6V, 0.15 sec/60° @ 4.8V Working Frequence: 1520us/333Hz, 800us-2200us
Voltage Rating 4.5V to 6.5V, 800mA stall current
Dimensions 30 mm wide x 10 mm thick x 30 mm high
Weight 23 g / 0.81 oz
  1. Very precise but not the most powerful one... review by Hans-Rudolf on 12/22/2014

    Review is a side by side (published for each item) for the:

    - FrSky D25SA (fuse servo)
    - FrSky D25MA (wing servo)
    - KST DS245H (small wing servo)

    Just some observations after unpacking at 4.8V:

    Strength measured hands on plus household scale, qualitative only: D25SA feels strongest by far, then D25MA and then the KST DS245H
    Slop, hands on: D25MA has the least (barely notiable), then the KST about half way, and then the D25SA with quite a bit of slop (still not bad).
    Speed, high speed camera, switch on Taranis, FrSky D4R II Receiver:
    first move DS245H is fastest, then the D25SA then the D25MA (Differences barely noticable by the bare eye).
    reverse move back to original state: DS25SA starts earlier than the others (seems to be more "alert") ends up first, then the KST DS245H and then the D25MA.

    For me the all servos are good value, if you need speed/fast reaction and power go for the D25SA. If you need precision (like me) go for the D25MA, if weight is a concern then for DS245.

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