FrSky XMR - Micro Park Flyer Receiver

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6 channels of PWM and only .8 grams!

  • This is the XMR. Teeny tiny and weighs .8 grams. It is an excellent choice for building micro aircraft and or extremely lightweight aircraft.

    To keep the XMR as light as possible you need to solder your servo wires directly to the solder pads on the receiver. This reduces physical size and weight.


    • Very light and compact
    • 6 channels PWM output
    • An excellent choice indoor micros and park flyers flyers


    • Dimensions: 19.5x14x2.5mm
    • Weight: .8gram 
    • Voltage Range: 3.5-10V
    • Current Draw: 20mA@5V
    • Operating Range: ≥300 meters
    • Firmware Upgradeable
    • Operates in D-16 Mode (works with JXT, Taranis, X7 or Horus)

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