GWS P 38 Lightning

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  • The GWS P 38  has proven itself over the years to be an gentle, smooth flyer with great low speed handling characteristics. The lack of aerodynamic torque experienced due to the counter rotating propellers is palpable. The increased stability makes takeoffs and landings very easy. 

    Being a twin motor craft you also have the option to set the plane up with differential thrust which helps improve ground handling as well as adding additional yaw control. Or you can ramp it up and have some fun doing controlled flat spins.!

    The kit comes with all the necessary parts to complete the airframe, including glue and two brushless motors, spinners, wheels, landing gear and wires, control horns, hinges, screws etc, etc.

     The builder needs to provide the usual fare of electrical gadgets such as servos, esc's, batteries and an RX to complete the model.

    To find more information, Google GWS P 38. 

    Wing Loading36.2 g /dm² (11.9oz./sq. ft.)
    Wingspan1200mm (47.2 in.)
    Wing Area19.9dm2 (308.5 sq. in.)
    RTF Weight720g (25.4oz.)
    ControlsAileron Elevator Throttle
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