Hitec HS-55 servo - 1.5 KG (20.83 oz in), .14 sec

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This is the Hitec HS-55 Feather Servo

  • The HS-55 is a popular servo that offers both affordability and performance.  The HS-55 offers a slim design and is light weight making it suitable for use in small airplanes where very high speed and good torque are required.  The high strength gear train offers reliable performance.

    Servo TypeAnalog
    Gear TypeNylon
    Stall Torque1.2 Kg.cm (16.66 oz-in) @4.8V / 1.55 Kg.cm (20.83 oz-in) @ 6.0V
    Speed0.18 sec/60°@4.8V / 0.14 sec/60°@ 6.0V
    Voltage Rating4.8V/6.0V
    Dimensions22.8 mm wide x 11.6 mm thick x 24 mm high
    Weight8g (0.28oz)
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