Trotter HLG ARF

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Trotter HLG ARF by CLM Pro

  • The Trotter HLG is a traditional hand launch glider and has been designed and constructed by a Croatian hand launch glider team. The team has successfully campaigned the Trotter and have taken home numerous medals as a result.  The wing construction utilizes a carbon-kevlar D-Box and the wing ribs are reinforced top and bottom with UD carbon and are consolidated at their trailing edge with a carbon tube. The wing is then covered in Oracover film. The airfoil is the S4083 making the Trotter ideal for thermal sailing. The fuselage is comprised mainly of carbon fiber. The wing saddle area is reinforced with glass and carbon and the nose cone is 2.4ghz. friendly kevlar. The V-tail is constructed from balsa and the ribs are carbon reinforced. Due to the Trotters simple construction, it is very easy to maintain and repair, making it suitable for beginner and experienced pilots alike.  The Trotter only requires two channels and a V-tail mix to fly. Average assembly time is 3 hrs.

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    Here is a video of a Trotter in action. Our customer sent us this and he reports that he is very pleased with the performance and very light weight of the plane.

    What's in the box:

    • Fuselage, boom, nose cone, servo tray
    • Wings: center section and two wing tips
    • .6mm pushrod with tube
    • Fasteners for wings and tail
    • Tow-hook
    • Full size construction drawing


    • Wingspan: 1.5m (59.1")
    • Wing Cord: 185mm (7.28")
    • Airfoil: S 4083
    • AUW: 200 grams (7oz.)
    • Fuse Length: 870mm (34.25")
    • V-tail angle 110°
    • Dihedral angle: 0°
    • COG: 55 - 70mm from leading edge
    AirfoilS 4083
    Wingspan1.5meter / 59 inches
    Wing Areano data
    Length870mm / 34.25"
    Empty Weightno data
    RTF Weight200g (7oz.)
    Tail TypeVee
    Recommended Setup2 - KST Servos 1 - 480mAh 1/3 AA flat pack 1 - X4R receiver
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