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Would you prefer to wear a harness with your Horus?
  •  We really like these bars quality, build and materials. The Horus hangs comfortably from the harness and the arms increase the stability of the radio when it is standing up. 

    The arms are very easy to install, just remove the four screws that hold on the carry handle, line up the harness bar holes and put the screws back in.

    Made from Aerospace grade Stainless Steel (316L) the arms attach to the rear of the Horus using the existing screw mounts that fasten the rear handle (see pics for details). The bars work great with our double point hook in harnesses and do not prevent the horus from fitting into it’s case once they are installed.


    The kit comes with 2 bars and 4 installation screws.

    No transmitter nor harness included.

  • Customer Reviews

    Pro's and Con's, servres the purpose

    - Takes the weight off the power button protecting cap (I was uneasy about it holding the weight of Horus)
    - Balances OK (at least for me) - radio horizontal (or close enough to it)
    - Does help the radio to stand when connected to PC, etc
    - does fit the case, though foam cutting is required
    - just a few mm of extra length would help with better balance
    - average quality - on the picture they are at right angle, mine are twisted inwards when screws are tightened
    - poor quality of screws, they strip out plastic and don;t hold, had to replace them with SS ones. Review by Alex • (Posted on 3/22/2017)

    Arms are to short for a decent balance.

    I'm disappointed in this purchase!
    The arm length does not allow for a good balance. The top of the radio hang in an uncomfortable position.
    I was also disappointed that the screws are not stainless steel.
    Bill Review by PDQFLYER • (Posted on 3/14/2017)

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