KST DS225MG Wing Servo - 6.50Kg (90.3 oz in), .08/sec

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A high voltage version of the popular KST DS125MG, also features a coreless motor.
  • At only 10mm thick and an impressive 6.5kg.cm torque (when run on 8.4 volts) the KST DS225 is appropriate for F3F, F3B, F3J, F5J, all fast gliders, and jets. KST didn't just make this a high voltage version of the DS125MG servo, but they also added a coreless motor for improved efficiency and improved speed. As always, it has dual ball bearings.

    Includes: 1 Servo, 1 metal output arm, 3 plastic output arms, output arm retaining screws, 3 mounting screws.

    Servo TypeDigital
    Gear TypeMetal
    Stall Torque6.5Kg.cm@8.4V, 5.6Kg.cm@7.4V, 4.7Kg.cm@6V
    Speed.o8sec/60°@8.4V, .10sec/60°@7.4V, .12sec/60°@6V
    Voltage Rating6V to 8.4V, Working Frequence: 1520us/333Hz, 800us-2200us, coreless motor
    Dimensions30 mm wide x 10 mm thick x 35.5 mm high
    Weight26 g / 0.92 oz
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