KST DS515MG Servo - 6.5 kg (90.3 oz in), .05/sec - High Voltage

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KST packs this servo with some great specs. Rated for 6 - 8.4 volts, and incredible speed and torque.
  • This is not your average servo. KST spent a long time developing this new servo, and their hard work shows. An impressive servo for many applications, but primarily targeted to helicopter users.

    • High Precision Titanium Gears
    • 2 Ball Bearings
    • All Metal Case by CNC
    • Coreless Digital Servo
    • Working Frequence: 1520us/333Hz,  800us-2200us
    Servo TypeDigital
    Gear TypeTitanium
    Stall Torque4.60Kg.cm at 6.0V, 5.50Kg.cm at 7.4V, 6.50Kg.cm at8.4V
    Speed.07sec at 6.0V, .06sec at 7.4V, .05sec at 8.4V
    Voltage Rating6V to 8.4V - Coreless Motor
    Dimensions35.5 mm wide x 15 mm thick x 29.5 mm high
    Weight35 g
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