Le Coquillaj by Aeromod

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A high performance, aerobatic, molded 50" sloper.

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    Le Coquillaj is a lightweight aerobatic glider that is adept at flying in light lift. The Coquillas aerobatic capabilities are its forte. It is lightweight and has generous control surfaces that allow extreme maneuvers, think, 3D sloper. The rugged construction allows it to be hand launched, bungeed, or side arm launched (discus). 

    The airframe construction is very good. The wing is a composite of high density polystyrene cores, 80 g / m2 uni-directional carbon and 50g / m2 glass installed on a 45° bias. The ailerons are pre cut and hinged with silicone resulting in a finished wing weight of 165 grams. The wing tips are reinforced for the optional installation of a launch peg. The airfoil is a symmetrical 6% JLF (Jean-Luc Foucher). The fuselage is made of 200g / m2 carbon cloth resulting in a lightweight, stiff structure (75g with canopy). The wing hold-down has been created by molding aluminum inserts into the fuse, then drilling and tapping using the wing as a guide. The stabilizers are composite parts constructed using milled 3mm Airex cores, 50g / m2 glass skins and weighing in at 9 and 14 grams respectively. 

    Note: If you are interested in purchasing one of these planes, please email us for color availability.

     What's included:

    • Carbon composite servo tray
    • Carbon push rod tubes
    • Ball connectors and clevises
    • Nylon fasteners
    • Wing, fuselage, elevator, rudder 


    • Wingspan: 1.26 meter / 49.6"
    • Airfoil Evolution: JLF 6%
    • Wing Area: 18.3dm2 / 283.7in2
    • Length: 870mm / 34.25"
    • Empty Weight: 263g / 9.27oz.
    • RTF Weight: 360g / 12.69oz.
    AirfoilEvolution JLF 6%
    Wingspan1.26 meter / 49.6"
    Wing Area18.3dm2 / 283.7in2
    Length870mm / 34.25"
    Empty Weight263g / 9.27oz.
    RTF Weight360g / 12.69oz.
    Tail TypeCross
    Recommended Setup


    • 1600mAh 4.8v


    • All servos KST X08 


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