Mach 2 Carbon Version

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The beautiful 2.4 meter, Mach 2 glider, by Sanda Models.

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  • The Mach 2 wing is molded from fiberglass and carbon. In between the composite layers is a thin sheet of Herex foam which separates the inner and outer wing skins giving them their high stiffness and resistance to torsional loads. The fuselage is molded from fiberglass and reinforced with carbon tow in high stress areas. This results in a light airframe that is stiff but reasonably flexible. The Mach II is smooth and graceful, tracks well and retains energy like a champ.

    All in all, an excellent molded composite, sailplane.

    • Span: 2400mm
    • Length: 1240mm
    • Airfoil: HN1037
    • Controls: Ailerons, Flaps, Elevator, Rudder.
    • V - Tail
    • Servos: 10mm thick. Recommended: Wing - KST DS125mg. Fuse - KST DS145mg

    Please email us for color availability.

    Wingspan94.48" / 2400mm
    Wing Area-
    Length48.81" / 1240mm
    Empty Weight35.02oz. / 993grams
    RTF Weight49.38oz. / 1400grams
    Recommended Setup


    • Wings: KST DS125 MG
    • Fuselage: KST DS145 MG


    • 78 mm from the leading edge
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