Mega ACn 22/30/3E

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  • This is the Mega 22/30/3E. It is a 3 Phase, 6 pole, permanent magnet inrunner, with a hardened steel shaft riding on high quality ball bearings. The lightweight rotor is loaded with neodymium magnets and wrapped in kevlar and dynamically balanced. The kevlar hold the magnets in place, withstanding RPMs in excess of 35,000. The hand wound stators and tight tolerances of the rotor / stator all contribute to its 86% efficiency rating.

    Suggested props:

    3S - 12x13 = 58 amps, Static Thrust: 3227g/114oz estimated 76mph
    3S - 13x11 = 63.5 amps, Static Thrust: 
    3249g/114.5oz estimated 64mph - Getting warm
    4S - 10x12 = 55 amps, Static Thrust: 3638g/128oz estimated 99mph
    4S - 12x6.5 = 59 amps, Static Thrust: 3272g/115oz estimated 58mph

    Max Current70 A
    No. of Cells3-4s lipo
    Dimensionsdia 36mm length 53mm
    Weight220 grams
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