Navigation Strobes Green

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Very bright and flash realistically.
  • Whether you want to improve your plane's realism or will actually be flying at night, flashing navigation strobes are an excellent accessory for improving your planes visibility. We have navigation strobes available in 5 colors. White, Red, Blue, Green and Orange.

    The lights are very bright, and provide good visibility at a distance. They plug into an open channel on your receiver allowing you to turn them on and off using a switch on your transmitter.

    The lights have 8 different flash modes to choose from. They are changed by depressing the small momentary push button, located on the PC board.  No need to reset modes, the circuit remembers which mode it is using, when it is turned off.

    Here is a description of the different modes.

    • One flash per second
    • Slow double flash per second
    • Single long flash per second
    • Quick double flash per second
    • Quick double flash every three seconds
    • LED, dim full time. Alternates between single flash and double flash once per second.
    • Alternating bright to dim every second, emulating a rotating beacon.
    • Quick double flash every 2 seconds


    • LED: 1Watt
    • Voltage range: 4-6V
    • Current Consumption: 40mA
    • Wire: 45cm 26AWG
    • Available Colors: White, Red, Blue, Green, Orange
    • 8 flash modes
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