Runcam OWL Plus Low Light Camera 700tvl

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Infrared blocked, low light performance and a OSD.

  • Improve your ability to fly at dusk with the RunCam Owl Plus. The Owl Plus has a far greater light sensitivity than most other FPV cams. It is dubbed as a starlight camera but we feel that is a bit of a stretch. It does however, see better in near dark conditions than anything else we have used. Another positive point for this camera is the OSD. The Owl Plus has numerous adjustable features that you configure, using the On Screen Display. The Owl Plus has a large F2.0 aperture, is infrared blocked, and has a wide-angle, 150º FOV and a sensitivity of (0.0001LUX). Has a wide voltage range of 5V-22V DC. The camera has been cleverly designed with numerous mounting options. The Owl Plus comes with a control cable that you can use to navigate the OSD menus.







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