Power HD DSP 33

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The DSP 33 a digital micro servo from Power HD

  • Weighing in at a slight 3.1 grams the DSP 33 is a good fit for micro and very light weight craft. The real upside here is that it is digital. Higher resolution results in smoother operation. Much better than previous generations of sub micros. 

    A couple of points to be aware of. The connector on this servo is a micro JST (Spektrum style). These servos fit my micro sailplane perfectly but I wanted the additional range of larger receiver.  So I cut the micro plugs off and soldered on standard size plugs. Easy enough, just pay attention to the wire colors, as these micros use a different wire order than the standard plugs. 

    Servo TypeDigital
    Gear TypePlastic
    Stall Torque.30kg / 4.16oz @4.8v / .35kg / 4.86oz @ 6v
    Speed.09sec/60* @ 4.8v / .07sec/60* @ 6v
    Voltage Rating4.8v - 6.0v
    Dimensions20 x 8.7 x 22 mm / .787 x .342 x .866in.
    Weight3.1g / .10oz
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