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 Charge your Q X7's NiMh battery pack without removing it from the case.
  • We love the Q X7 but pulling the batteries out of it every time you need to charge is unnecessarily painful. Soooo, we designed a charge kit for it, that can be installed by anyone who can use a hand drill. The charge jacks are available in either black or white. 

    The charge kit was designed to work with our 2600mAh X7 NiMh battery and fortuitously it also works with the stock battery clip; you just need to carefully tuck the battery wire and plug into the case, next to the PC board and the stock battery clip will slip right in. The wall charger monitors the battery voltage and stops charging when peak charge is reached. The charger also has a convenient LED indicator light that is red when charging and turns green when charging is completed.

    The kit includes one charger and one charge jack.

    Installation Tips: 

    Study the pictures for reference.

    Refer to the pics above and see that the the half inch hole (12mm) is centered in the 45° facet on the right hand side of the rear half of the shell. Accuracy is not super critical here but you need be aware that, if the hole is too close to the back of the transmitter case you will have a difficult time tightening the nut on the charge jack. 

    Measure carefully and prick punch (make a small divot) the mark so the drill bit does not wander when you begin to drill. Start with a small drill (no bigger than 1/8" (3mm ) and make a pilot hole and then use successively larger bits until your reach 1/2 inch (12mm). This will ensure a cleanly drilled hole and will help you maintain accuracy. A step drill works a treat for this project and is our preferred method. 

    With the hole drilled, it is time to install the charge jack. You need to remove the hex nut from the charge jack assembly. You will find the nut does not easily slip over the larger white plug. Yes it is tight but it does fit over it with a little effort.

    Insert the charge jack into the hole, push the hex nut back over both plugs; thread and tighten the hex nut onto the charge jack. Plug the small white plug with the longer wires into the battery socket on TX board. Thread the shorter wire and plug into the battery compartment, through the rectangular opening in the battery compartment nearest the charge jack. Plug your battery into that wire. Reassemble the case and install your battery and enjoy!

    Here is a great video from RCdiy:

  • Customer Reviews

    Excellent product, excellent price

    If you own a Taranis QX7 why wouldn't you instal this awesome charging adapter and battery pack! Just the time it saved sourcing the parts is worth the modest cost. Review by mhackney • (Posted on 6/24/2017)

    Fast delivery and just as described. Makes Aloft my go to Hobby shop.

    Very easy to install. Perfect for the Q! Review by Dbskyout • (Posted on 6/20/2017)

    No-brainer for the X7

    Once you get over the nerves of drilling your case, this is a quick install (using a step drill makes short work of it). It is a perfect compliment to the NiMH battery pack. The charger works nicely - all in all a good value and worthwhile upgrade to the X7. Review by chris • (Posted on 6/19/2017)

    Awesome product, get it.

    Was a breeze to install and looks clean! Love it, goodbye AA's! Review by mercy99 • (Posted on 6/14/2017)

    Worth every penny!

    Awesome! Super easy to install and looks great. No more popping batteries in and out. Review by Cyclone Steve • (Posted on 6/10/2017)

    Excellent Value!!

    Great product---easy to install. The included charger was the best I have seen !! I plan on installing charger plugs on my other TX' and using
    this charger!! Thanks Aloft!!! Review by Old Flyer • (Posted on 5/22/2017)

    Very happy with this charger!

    This is a very well thought out solution for charging the QX7 NiMH battery.
    Extremely easy and quick to install and matches in with the look of the Tx.
    I live in Australia so was pleased to find the supplied plug pack/charger input voltage is AC 100-240V and the 2 pins on the plug pack were easily bent to match the angle of our 240v wall socket.
    Delivery to QLD Aus from Aloft runs at about a week, sometimes a few days longer. Review by PaulDfly • (Posted on 5/19/2017)

    Get it!!! You won't be disappointed.

    Just installed this and with the step drill literally took 7 mins start to finish. Looks great too as if came with the QX7. Love this transmitter and enjoy making it better with this quick and easy mod thanks alofthobbies for the parts and quick delivery. Review by BxDebo • (Posted on 5/12/2017)

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