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The FrSky Taranis system is among the very best on the planet.

It is a frequency hopping system that has a proven track record to be VERY reliable, even at extended ranges.

Why telemetry? We recommend the telemetry for the very simple reason that the radio can warn you if you are having a reception issue on the aircraft. We consider this VERY IMPORTANT. This is good for you, and it is great for the hobby. If your current radio does not have this RSSI feature, then you should seriously consider upgrading today.

Why guess if you are having any issues? With telemetry your transmitter will alert you if the radio link starts to weaken. This can happen due to poor aircraft layout, radio damage, or some issue at the field. It has saved MANY planes, and will continue to do so. No more waiting for our planes to crash!

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  • FrSky X Series

     FrSky's new Telemetry system has many new exiting features. Starting off with the new Taranis Transmitter that brings never before seen power to the radio market at an incredible price point. The Taranis easily outperforms radios costing 5 times more! Now add FrSky's revolutionary Smart Port hub-less sensors, SBus support, advanced safety features and you start to understand what the X series is all about. Giving you the best possible performance without breaking the bank.

  • FrSky D Series

    The D series modules and receivers are the cornerstone of the FrSky telemetry system. Rock solid and reliable, yet very affordable. This is where FrSky really got rolling with their telemetry capabilities. All receivers feature built in receiver voltage sensor and RSSI feedback. (Receiver Signal Strength Indication, it warns you if your reception is getting low at the receiver, this saves your aircraft and makes the hobby safer!)

  • FrSky Long Range

    The FrSky long range system lets you go further.

    Want more range from your FrSky system? These long range receivers are just the ticket. Allowing twice the range, or even more. This is a great way to extend your range without breaking your bank account. No need to buy new modules, if you have a FrSky XJT module or FrSky Taranis, then you are ready to step up to the FrSky Long Range system! Just bind in LR12 mode!  

    Once again FrSky offers a very affordable, ground breaking system for a very reasonable price.

  • FrSky Non-Telemetry

    FrSky's Non-Telemetry helps save money.

    Enjoy one of the most advanced radio connections available today at a bargain basement price. Don't worry, all of the same high quality components and reliability are still built into each and every item.

  • Futaba Compatible


    FrSky for your Futaba system!

    Now you can enjoy the quality and reliability of FrSky on your Futaba, and save a bunch on money too.

    As an added feature - FrSky allows you to replace the antenna on all of the receivers (except the micro). They come equipped with a 150mm antenna, but you can go all the way up to our 600mm antenna. This gives you the freedom to get your antenna out into the clear. 

  • Hitec Compatible


    Here is the binding procedure for the Hitec Aurora:

    Old modules may need to be updated to the newest version, the transmitter is then put in the link mode and then the blinking leds must be changed from red to blue by holding the link button for 2 seconds. Then the Minima receivers can be linked.