Skyline 32 Advanced

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This is the advanced version with a compass and a barometer.

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  •  The skyline32 runs the open-source Cleanflight flight control (FC) software which has an ever-growing community of friendly developers and users. Being open-source means that you too, can contribute to the system.

     Points of interest:

    • Both Cleanflight & Baseflight are supported. (The SKYLINE32 is loaded with Baseflight)
    • Unique wire-to-board connectors, making wiring easier!
    • Thin and light weight design.
    • Compass sensor 
    • Altitude sensing barometer
    • Built using high quality, precision SMTs'.


    • 32-bit ARM micro processor running at 3.3V / 72MHZ.
    • Manual mode, Angle mode, Horizon mode, heading hold mode, head-free mode, Altitude hold mode. 
    • Supports, Quad-, Tri-, Hex-, multirotors.
    • RC input: standard, CPPM (PPM SUM)
    • Battery voltage monitoring and low voltage alarm.
    • Micro-USB port for flashing firmware & adjustment of parameters
    • Parameters adjustment interface: Baseflight-Configuration.
    • GPS position hold & return to home functions (GPS Optional).
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