Surface 120 FPV Racing Frame

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A beautifully machined, 120 class aluminum FPV race frame.

  •  The Surface 120 FPV Racer Frame kits are CNC machined from billet aluminum. These multirotor frame kits are very strong, light weight and look great. They will work with a variety of brushless motors running on 2S, 3S, and even 4S. Assembly is very straightforward with only a few pieces. Kits can be put together in the traditional layout with the motors on the bottom frame allowing up to 2" props. Or they can be configured as an underslung design with the motors on the top platform allowing for 3" props. All parts are included for either setup. The frames will accommodate a full FPV setup with separate logic board, ESC's, BEC, and RX. See our recommended components above. The aluminum frame kits offer advantages such as a rigid platform for responsive flying, arms acting as heat sinks keeping the motors running cooler., and the attention to detail not normally found on these smaller quads. The frames can really take a beating in the event of an unfortunate crash. The same stress that would normally break a carbon fiber or fiberglass frame may slightly bend the aluminum arm. These can easily be bent back perfectly without any loss of flying time.

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