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FrSky Bind N Fly FPV Mini Quad. Easy setup, easy to fly, tough as nails. Great first quad, great beater quad, great fun, even a great mini racer! Best of all, a great value on a ready to fly mini quad.

  • Bind and Fly with all FrSky transmitters!

    The Q100 is a bind and fly FPV quad, just press the propellers onto the motors, charge the battery and do a quick radio mix you're ready to fly (see how to video link below). 

    The Q100 has a beginner flight mode that is very stable and easy to get a feel for, turn off the beginner mode and the quad exhibits exciting maneuverability for the more experienced pilot. 

    The Naze32 flight controller is connected via S-Bus to the recently released FrSky XM receiver. Using Clean Flight's app/software you can tune the Q100 to your heart's content. For FPV the Q100 is equipped with a 700TVL camera and a 16 channel 5.8GHz video transmitter. The Q100 also comes with 20 replacement propellers to keep you in the air longer! (We have been bashing ours around the shop, hitting walls at full speed and still not busted a thing, this is a good tough machine.)

    Set-up Video. Coming Soon!


    • Wheelbase: 100mm
    • Ready To Fly Weight: 59.4 grams
    • Dimensions: 85x85x25mm
    • Flight Controller: Naze32 Brushed
    • Prop size: 65mm
    • RX: FrSky XM
    • Camera: 700 TVL HD
    • Video TX: 16CH  5.8GHz
    • Batt: 3.7V 550mAh 25C Lipo
    • Flight Time: Approx 5min
    • Motors: 8520 Brushed

    We now have charge adapter cables for this quad, see below.

  • Customer Reviews

    Not as durable as advertised.

    First flight I had a minor slow speed bump into a wall. One of the motors comes out of the frame and the bottom of the motor where the wire connects was left in the frame. Motor is ruined. No replacement parts yet. Essentially it was a $35 dollars a minute flight.

    (Aloft note: Please contact us, we have spare parts for you! Should not have had an issue. We have been slamming these into walls with no issues. We will get you going!!) Review by Rick • (Posted on 3/14/2017)

    Great starter for FPV

    Great product! Fun to fly and from an outstanding dealer.

    There are other makes of the Q100 available - but having the FrSky Rx installed made this virtually PNP. Just a couple things to be aware of.
    1. The bind button for the receiver is under the quad on the tiny receiver. The button is so small it's easy to overlook.
    2. When bound the rx light is green. If your not sure turn off Tx and the light goes out. TX back on and the Rx green light goes back on.
    3. You don't need to flash new firmware before you fly it. You may want to later - but don't confuse things to start.
    4. In the OpenTx Output tab: While watching the values in Clean Flight Reciever tab - Use the PPM center to make sure the stick center is exactly @ 1500. After you have the center point set - use end points so Left yaw and roll are @ 1000 and right yaw and roll are 200 - also end points for pitch are 1000 and 2000.

    Be sure to take time setting up and don't let being anxious to fly mess you up. Only criticism is that at the time I bought this quad it did not come with a charging cable. There are USB chargers and batteries available on Amazon (until such time as Aloft carries them). Review by Phat Daddy • (Posted on 2/11/2017)

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