Zepsus Magnetic BEC 7Amp

It’s a combination of the magnetic switch and a 7 amp voltage regulator. Available in 3 output voltages. 5.7- 6.5 & 7.4V

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Zepsus Magnetic BEC 7Amp

Zepsus 7A BEC 5.7V

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Zepsus Magnetic BEC 7Amp

Zepsus 7A BEC 6.5V

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Zepsus Magnetic BEC 7Amp

Zepsus 7A BEC 7.4V

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  • Introduction

    As with our other products, the Zepsus Magnetic BEC “linear voltage regulator” was designed with one thing in mind, not compromising on quality. With that in mind, the best components have been selected. No cheap solutions, this is the best of the best all the way around.
    It outperforms many of its competitors with large 200µF, high quality low ESR filter capacitors. On-off indication utilizes a super bright LED, visible through some fuselages.
    A clean and easy way to turn on your model, just slide the magnet across the BEC. Mounted inside of the fuselage, out of the air stream, and the magnet will easily activate the BEC from outside. No more fumbling for little switches, or plugging in connectors.

    Four reasons to buy the Zepsus Magnetic BEC

    • The Magnetic BEC has the same well-known and well-tested magnetic technology as the Zepsus Magnetic Switches.
    • If a servo burns out in flight, the very high peak current will help the Magnetic BEC provide power to continue the flight and burn the servo electronics. Other BEC's would burn out, resulting is a crashed plane.
    • No buck or boost converters. No charge pumps. No switching noise. This makes the Zepsus Magnetic BEC an ultra low noise product suitable for radio controlled gliders where long range is very important.
    • Ultra low dropout voltage provides security if a battery cell collapses and the input voltage suddenly drops below the selected output voltage.

    Technical Data
    Input voltage range: 3~10V
    Designed for 2s Lipo/Liion/LiFe
    Output voltage: 5.7V standard and others are available
    Output current continuously*: 7A
    Output current burst*: >20A
    Ultra low stand-by current: 6µA (micro-ampere)
    Max power loss continuously: 3 Watt
    Max power loss burst: >20 Watt
    Ultra low dropout voltage**: 72mV@4A
    Connectors: JR-type
    Wire: high-quality 0.5mm2
    Weight including cables: 6,5grams
    Length including cables: 18cm
    Dimensions including heat shrink: 40 x 15 x 5mm
    Operational temperature range: -40C to +125C

    *Depending on Input and Output voltage.
    **If input voltage drops below output voltage.
    Test at +20C ambient temperature

    Calculation example of continuous current:
    Max power loss continuously / (Input voltage – Output voltage) = current continuously

    2S Lipo nominal voltage 7.4V and output voltage is 5.7V.
    3 / (7.4 – 5.7) = 1.76A

    2S Lipo nominal voltage 7.4V and output voltage is 6.5V.
    3 / (7.4 – 6.5) = 2.64A

    2S Lipo nominal voltage 7.4V and output voltage is 7.4V.
    As long as the Input V is lower or the same as the Output V, the continuous current is 7A

    Production test
    All BEC's have been tested with more than a 30A burst followed by 7A for 5 sec before delivery. Standby current is adjusted and a visual inspection is made.
    All tests are done with an 8V supply.

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