Tattu R-Line 6S 1050mAh 95C XT60


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Less sag. More amps.

  • If you are looking for a very strong battery to power your latest creation the Tattu R-Line will work well for you. Increased energy density, lower internal resistance, and higher discharge rates. The Tattu R-Line has been designed to survive the rigors of FPV racing, which means putting this battery into anything less than a tricked out, tuned up, amp sucking, race quad is going to be a walk in the park.

    Dimensions 73.5 x 36 x 35.5mm (2.8x1.4x1.39in)
    Weight 170g (5.9oz)
    Nominal Voltage 22.2
    Nominal Capacity mAh 1050
    Standard Charge mA 1050 (1C)
    Cell Type Lithium Polymer
    Cells 6
    Max Burst Discharge Rate 190c
    Connector Type XT-60
    Wire Gauge 14
    Wire / Plug Length 65mm (2.55in)
    Balance Connector JST-XHR-7P
    Discharge Rate 95c