2600mAh 3s JR Transmitter Lipo Pack


Lighter than NiMH.

  • Power your JR Tx  with this light weight 3s 2600mAh lipo transmitter pack from Gens Ace.  This pack is a drop in replacement for the stock battery and has a JR connector as well as a 3S balance lead.

    WARNING - Do not attempt to use an NiMH battery charger with this battery or any Lipo battery! Extreme fire danger.

    Dimensions93.8x 30.8x 27.4mm (3.6x1.2x1.07in)
    Weight150.8g (5.3oz)
    Nominal Voltage11.1V
    Nominal Capacity mAh2600
    Standard Charge mA2600 (1C)
    Cell TypeLithium-Ion Polymer
    Maximum Discharge Rateunspecified
    Max Burst Discharge Rateunspecified
    Connector TypeJR
    Wire Gauge20
    Wire / Plug Length85mm (3.34in)
    Balance ConnectorJST-XHR-4P