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4.8 V, 480 mAh, 1/3-AA Pack, Flat

4.8 V, 480 mAh, 1/3-AA Pack, Flat


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4.8 V, 480 mAh, 1/3-AA Pack, Flat

Quick Overview

This is a great little NiMH battery ideal for small gliders where a compact size, yet decent capacity are required.

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This 4 cell battery is both tiny and powerful for small glider needs. We use them in everything from tiny wings to small aerobatic ships. 480 mAh will feed a pair of servos and receiver for a good long time depending on the current draw of your servos.

This battery is a direct fit upgrade for the Dream Flight Alula. Features higher capacity than the Dream Flight battery without any additional weight. Testing shows our battery has over twice the actual capacity of the Dream Flight 300 mAh packs.

Size: 56 x 14. x 18 mm  (2.2" x .56" x .7")
Weight: 32.8 g  (1.15 oz)
Voltage: 4.8 V
Capacity: 480 mAh
Cells: 4
Cell type: 1/3-AA NiMH
Connector: Universal Servo

  1. Impeccable! review by xxrexxmyxx on 9/8/2014

    Cette batterie pèse quelques grammes de moins que la batterie vendue par DreamFlight (sûrement dû au câblage un peu plus court).
    Elle est actuellement montée sur ma Libelle et m'a permis hier de voler 2 heures pleines avec ce planeur équipé de 4 servos (400mAh consommés).
    Les seuls reproches que l'on peut faire à cet accu sont un câble un peu trop rigide et trop court, mais il est plutôt facile de le remplacer par un câble silicone de la longueur souhaitée.
    Merci beaucoup à Aloft Hobbies pour ce produit très difficile à trouver et, qui plus est, surclasse les caractéristiques de l'original.

    This battery weighs a few grams lighter than the battery sold by Dreamflight (probably due to the slightly shorter wiring).
    It is currently mounted on my Libel and allowed me to fly two hours yesterday filled with this glider equipped with 4 servos (400mAh consumed).
    The only complaints we can do in this battery is a little too stiff and too short cable, but it is rather easy to replace it with a silicone cable of the desired length.
    Thank you very much for Hobbies Aloft product very difficult to find and, more importantly, outperforms the features of the original.


  2. Much better then my other battery that was the same size. review by Thom R. on 1/4/2014

    A friend suggested this battery for my Alula. My old battery never held much of a charge and after loosing my plane once I decided to try one of these. Size and fit are identical, but the wire was a little stiff. My battery issue was instantly resolved. Now I can fly my Alula all day if I want. The old battery only lasted about 30 minutes.

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