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4.8 V, 480 mAh, 1/3-AA Pack, Square

4.8 V, 480 mAh, 1/3-AA Pack, Square


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4.8 V, 480 mAh, 1/3-AA Pack, Square

Quick Overview

This is a great little NiMH battery ideal for small gliders where a compact size, yet decent capacity are required.

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This 4 cell battery is both tiny and powerful for small glider needs. We use them in everything from tiny wings to small aerobatic ships. 480 mAh will feed a pair of servos and receiver for a good long time depending on the current draw of your servos.

Size: 28.5 x 28.5. x 18.5 mm  (1.125" x 1.125" x .7")
Weight: 34.3 g  (1.2 oz)
Voltage: 4.8 V
Capacity: 480 mAh
Cells: 4
Cell type: 1/3-AA NiMH
Connector: Universal Servo

  1. Does not hold 480 mAh. review by Filip on 11/10/2015

    After several format cycles it can hold 220 to 230 mah. After some research this is a normal value for a 1/3 AA. Even a 2/3 AA would not hold 480 mAh. For the rest the battery just works fine. So two stars for wrong advertising. (Note from Aloft - Actually our testing has shown these batteries do offer the full rating. These cells have tested much higher than any others we have found. Perhaps a charging issue with this customer? It is tricky to detect a full charge on very small cells like these.)

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