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6 IN 1 Multirotor Hub With Tabs

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A 36x36mm sized multi function PDB.

  • The 6 in 1 Multifunction PDB with tabs is functionally the same as the 6 in 1 PDB without tabs. The difference is in the way you make your electrical connections. The LEDs are connected via a servo style plug instead of solder pads, and the solder pads for the major electrical connections have been notched or "tabbed" as the manufacturer refers to them. These notches increase the strength of the solder joint, while at the same time allowing the power wires to be connected at varying angles. That takes care of the differences.  Now, let's look at the PDB itself. 

    Basically, what we have here is a CC3D sized PDB with some extra goodies on-board. For starters, we have the BEC (battery eliminator circuit). It is actually two BECs in one, delivering both a 5 and a 12 volt output for powering your flight controller, camera, gimbal or other components that require specific regulated voltages. Another fun feature is the LED output. You can choose from steady on, or two different flash rates (1Hz and 3Hz). The flash state can be changed by pressing the momentary switch on the PDB or via your transmitter. Next on the list is the low voltage alarm. It can monitor 2 - 6s lipos and will alert you when the pack has been discharged to your specified voltage. Finally, a built in circuit to help you find your lost aircraft. When activated the LEDs and beeper will flash/beep at 2Hz to assist you in locating your model. 

    That's pretty much it. A very functional, lightweight PDB with a small footprint. Comes with wiring diagrams and instructions, written in reasonably good english.


    • 5V and 12V  BECs
    • Input 3s-6s (11v - 25.2v)
    • Output 5V @ 2A (2.5 max) 12V @ 1A (1.5A max)
    • Size 36x36mm
    • Weight 7.8g 


    The instructions included with the Tabbed PDB are for the un-tabbed model.  The tabbed PDB is well marked, a couple minutes of study will reveal which connections are made where as well as what their respective polarities are.