7.2 V 2600 AA NiMH QX7 Transmitter Pack

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 Increase the run time of your Taranis QX7 to 14 hours...

  • 14 hour+ run times from 18.7 watt hours.

    Made of high quality matched 2600 mAh AA LSD NiMH cells. This pack comes with a cable, that plugs into the transmitter and then into this pack. The idea behind this is to prevent fatiguing the circuit board every time you unplug/plug-in your battery for charging.  May you fly long....

    Charging: Please use an NiMH charger and charge at 1/2 amp or less. Charging at a higher rate will damage the lifespan of your battery.

    Dimensions86 x 52 x 15mm (3.38 x 2.04x .59in)
    Weight186g (6.5oz)
    Nominal Voltage7.2
    Nominal Capacity mAh2600
    Standard Charge mA260 (0.1C)
    Fast Charge mA1300 (0.5)
    Discharge Cut-off Voltage6
    Maximum Discharge Current mA3900 (1.5C)
    Cell TypeAA NiMH LSD