9.6 V, 2500 mAh, AA Transmitter Pack, Flat

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This is a flat 9.6 volt, 2500 mAh, AA NiMH transmitter battery pack.

  • This transmitter pack fits some Futaba, HiTech, Airtronics / Sanwa transmitters. Check the specs below to be sure it will physically fit into your transmitter and has the correct plug.  Made of high quality matched NiMH 8 x AAA low self discharge cells with universal servo connector with 22 AWG wires.

    Dimensions 15mm x 52mm x 115mm (.560" x 2.06" x 4.5")
    Weight 227 grams (8 oz)
    Nominal Voltage 9.6
    Nominal Capacity mAh 2500
    Cell Type AA NiMH Low Self Discharge cells
    Cells 8
    Connector Type Universal Servo