9.6 V 2600 AA NiMH Transmitter Pack (Horus, X9E)

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Increase the run time of your FrSky X9E or Horus with our new high capacity transmitter packs.

  • Made of high quality matched 2600 mAh AA LSD NiMH cells with a universal servo connector and 22 AWG wires.

    Fits the FrSky X9E and the Horus transmitters.

    Dimensions103 x 58 x 15mm (4.05 x 2.28 x .59in)
    Weight247g (8.7oz)
    Nominal Voltage9.6
    Nominal Capacity mAh2600
    Standard Charge mA260 (0.1C)
    Fast Charge mA1300 (0.5)
    Discharge Cut-off Voltage8
    Maximum Discharge Current mA3900 (1.5C)
    Cell TypeAA NiMH LSD
    Connector TypeUniversal Servo
  • Customer Reviews

    Perfect for the Horus X12S

    Had this battery for a while now. Great performance, and long lasting.
    Just make sure to charge it before putting it the transmitter first time. The charger module in Horus did not start charging it first time i plugged it in. So i charged it with my own charger first. And now its working really good. Review by Regin • (Posted on 4/2/2018)

    Great fit for the Frsky Horus X12S

    Perfect size for the Horus X12S, gives more more than enough power when flying or programming models. The connector is the correct size for the Horus so it is just PNP. Review by Quadcells • (Posted on 2/18/2017)

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