About Us

Aloft Hobbies has been built from the ground up to supply quality products at very reasonable prices. Our goal is to sell hard to find unique items as well as the common everyday items at great prices. Unlike our competitors, we will also offer a surprising level of customer service.

We typically ship your order within 1 business day of you placing your order, often times much faster! Occasionally we will delay a shipment if it is an aircraft kit or other  items that require special handling to insure they arrive is perfect condition. EVERYTHING ships in a box. No padded envelopes here.

We use what we sell.

We strive to give you all the details and information on our products. We work closely with the manufacturers to improve our products should they be found lacking.

Our goals are very simple.
  • We want to bring exciting and fun products to market
  • Keep prices as low
  • Offer excellent customer service
  • Help the R/C Community remain a vibrant and fun place!

How this all started.

When I was 10 years old, my father gave me a Wanderer, a wooden glider kit, as a gift. Earlier that year, we had watched some remote controlled gliders flying off the California coast, and the seed was planted. We just had to have one of these. 

We slowly built that kit over a period of time and eventually finished it. The glider was loaded up and off we went to fly it at a local park. Well, it didn't last long, and we were soon picking up the pieces and heading home for a rebuild. After a few more attempts, we took it down to the coast and asked for some help from local fliers. I’ve been flying ever since.

I still enjoy flying and helping to bring the next generation of pilots into the hobby. 

I've flown a bit of everything, crashed a bit of everything, 
and repaired a bit of everything. Sometimes that is the way things go.

Over all of these years there has been one constant in my flying hobby, the people! Nearly everyone I have shared air time with has been a warm, friendly and a helpful person. If I'm feeling down or frazzled by everyday life I know all I have to do is pick up a plane and get a little air time. Even better if I can drag some friends into going, and that usually isn't very hard to do.

See you in the air!