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  1. Servo Connector Crimping Tool

    SB-225D Full cycle ratchet crimping tool for making servo extensions ect.
  2. FC Model Soldering Jig

    Lend yourself a helping hand with this aluminium soldering jig.
  3. DLG CG Balance and Setup Stand

    Accurately measure the CG of your DLG.
  4. FD-T Tachometer

    A tool to help determine the efficiency of your aircrafts power system.
  5. Voltage Tester

    Basic voltage tester 4.8 and 6 volt.
  6. Servo Tester

    Servo Tester STV2.3.
  7. Weather Flow Wind Meter for Smart Phones

    Take & share wind reports anywhere The WeatherFlow Wind Meter is an anemometer that fits in your pocket. It works with Android & iOS devices like iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPads.
  8. Soldering Jig - KT1802B

    The RC Jig is a very handy tool for holding connectors when soldering them.
  9. Bottom-Pouring Casting Ladle

    An excellent ladle for casting lead. Glider ballast, nose weights, etc.
  10. Wing removal tool

    Finally, a tool to remove stubbornly tight wings on our beautiful, close tolerance, moldies.
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10 Item(s)