Aero-naut Rocky Electric Glider


Ready for Covering!

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    This is the Rocky electric glider kit. The kit is ready for covering. The workmanship is excellent, wings and fuselage are nice and straight and pre-sanded to boot.

    Jarron, one of Alofts prolific builders, built and tested a Rocky and covered it in fluorescent, transparent red (see pics above). The plane flew beautifully off the bench, no trims required. The Rocky is a docile flyer with no bad habits making it an excellent trainer. Catching thermals with it is easy peasy. Over all we are very impressed with this aircraft; it's a solid design and the workmanship is very good.

    Given the amount of work already done on this plane, it can be easily completed by people new to building. If you have been wanting to get into balsa building this is a great plane to get you started.

     As always, Aero-naut kits are very well designed, use quality materials and components and their instruction manuals are clear and concise. This kit is simple enough to be attempted by younger folks, especially with a little covering help from the tall people.

    Wing Area18.5dm2
    All up Weight550g
    Motor2206 - 2308 (not included)
    Recommended Battery2s Lipo (not included)