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Aeroic Redshift F3F Competition Sailplane


3M Span 19:1 Aspect Ratio

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    If you’re looking for a competition airframe that flies really fast on the straights and retains energy for great turns on a dime, in anything from the merest whiff to a howling gale, Redshift is one F3F airframe you’ll love to have.

    We have the Redshift available in two different layups. A single carbon and the double carbon. The single carbon is plenty stout; the double carbon is for more extreme usage.

    Please Email us for color availability.

    For more detailed information, technical aspects and design philosophy click here.


    Span3.0M (118in)
    Length1.395M (55in)
    Wing Area48 Dm/2 (744in sq)
    Tail Area5.8 Dm/2 (89.9in sq)
    Total Area53.8 Dm/2 (833.9in sq)
    Wing Loading @ 4Kg (8.8Lb) AUW74.39g Dm/2 (.168oz in sq)
    Aspect Ratio19:1
    Wing AirfoilsJH3580, JH3575, JH3570
    Tailplane AirfoilsJH10SYM
    Control SurfacesAilerons, Flaps, Elevator, Rudder
    Servos12mm Fuselage   Flaps-Ailerons 10mm
    CG 90~95mm Depending on preference
    Fuselage Ballast Brass 20mm square 350mm long = 2238g (78.9oz)
    Wing Ballast Brass20 x 10 x 250mm x 4pcs = 1750g (61.73oz)
    Total Ballast / Wing Area3988g / 53.8Dm = 74.126g per dm2 (.168oz per sq in)
    Max Wing Loading75g per dm2 (.17oz per sq in)
    Max AUW3600g (127oz)
    Dry AUW2500g (88.18oz)
    Ballast9 x 125g = 1125g (39.6oz)