Aeroic 108 Corsa Wings


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Breathe new life into your Schwing with a set of 108 inch Corsa wings. 

  • Transform your Schwings flight characteristics by installing a set of Corsa wings. The wings will add some additional speed while remaining very aerobatic. The added span and wing area improve your Schwings ability to fly in lighter conditions and conversely you can ballast it up even more for those howling gales. 

    Design Summary:

    The Corsa 108 wings, have a higher aspect ratio, a further optimized wing plan form and use the original, venerable wind tunnel tested airfoils. Large ailerons, large flaps and a semi elliptical wing planform each add to the overall performance. The wings are a standard carbon reinforced hybrid layup, resulting in low weight and high strength. The control horns are factory installed and the result of a well thought out geometry that allows for flush servo installations using 10mm or thinner servos. A  maximum servo thickness of 13mm in the flap bays and 12mm in the aileron pockets, allows the use of a wide range of servos. Conventional servo linkages provide a clean, practical and most importantly, serviceable, control installation. The geometry has been optimized to use full servo travel to achieve high torque and minimal slop. Optionally, LDS control systems can be used.

    The Sine Wave Spar:

    Used in several military aircraft, the Sine Wave Spar has been adapted for the first time to make up the heart of a model sailplane wing. It has amazed us with its low weight, and ultra-high strength. Unlike a conventional spar, the Sine Wave Spar adds terrific torsional strength while weighing considerably less than the older non-optimized spar.

    • Wings are sold in pairs and come with servo pocket covers.

    Technical specs:

    108” (2.75M)
    Wing Area
    757.95 Sq. In (48.9dm)
    Wing Airfoils
    JH3580, JH3575, JH3570
    Ailerons, Flaps
    Servos (thickness)
    12mm (Flaps) 10mm (Ailerons)