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From nice relaxing thermal ships to 450 mph dynamic beasts, we have a bit of everything for our glider pilots.

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  • Discus Launch

    A catagory for the DLG enthusiasts!

  • Dynamic Soaring

    Dynamic Soaring!!

    Dynamic soaring or DS as it is commonly known, is not for the faint of heart. You see, hear and feel the energy of the model as it rips through the air, screaming while extreme G-forces strain the airframe to within a hair of its breaking point. Your blood turns to pure adrenaline as the model goes ever faster with each pass! It is truly mind boggling how these gliders can harness nature's energy and reach these truly insane speeds. Dynamic soaring is definitely not the type of gliding that most of us are familiar with, and at its most efficient, it is a delicate balance of nature, mind and machine.

    Video of Bruce flying his Dynamic 130 to 514 mph (The Dynamic 130 is available by special order):

  • Scale

    A category, just for the the scale guys.

  • Blejzyk

    Artur Blejzyk, the owner of Blejzyk RC Models creates a wide range of flying artwork. The fiberglass work is excellent, and the wings are simply beautiful and efficient works of art. Artur manages to make some of the best looking wings in the industry, and the end result is amazing gliders that you will love. They fly as good as they look!

    I am not aware of a better deal in the hobby than the Blejzyk line of gliders. The quality of his work, and the excellent flying qualities makes them a real bargain.

    It can be a little hard to keep these excellent planes in stock as Artur has had some health issues, but he is coming back strong. We hope you understand.

  • CLM Pro

    CLM Pro, or Composite Light Model Pro. 

    Makers of lightweight hand launch and thermal gliders.

  • Pilot/OK Model

    Ok Model is a Japanese company that has been around for a very long time. They have always offered very high quality aircraft that offered a very nice flying experience. 

    Many years ago they suffered a massive fire and lost everything. Sadly all of those great models from prior to the fire are lost, but like a phoenix they have risen from the flames with brand new planes.