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A catagory for the DLG enthusiasts!

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Discus Launch Gliders

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  1. ArmSoar Spring-loaded Connector

    Small, lightweight, 4 contact, spring loaded connectors for DLG's.
  2. ArmSoar GO

    The GO DLG by ArmSoar

    Starting at: $326.00

  3. ArmSoar GO 2

    The GO 2 DLG by ArmSoar

    Starting at: $406.35

  4. Longshot 4 DLG

    The Longshot 4 1.49m discus launch glider. With an RTF weight of 290 grams the long shot is ready for thermal hunting.
  5. DLG CG Balance and Setup Stand

    Accurately measure the CG of your DLG.
  6. Pull-String Servo Pulley

    Increase the precision and holding power of your pull-string control linkage.
  7. Rotary Drive System Couplers

    Installing an RDS system that you would like to drive with KST X08 servos?
Set Descending Direction


7 Item(s)