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Dynamic Soaring!!

Dynamic soaring or DS as it is commonly known, is not for the faint of heart. You see, hear and feel the energy of the model as it rips through the air, screaming while extreme G-forces strain the airframe to within a hair of its breaking point. Your blood turns to pure adrenaline as the model goes ever faster with each pass! It is truly mind boggling how these gliders can harness nature's energy and reach these truly insane speeds. Dynamic soaring is definitely not the type of gliding that most of us are familiar with, and at its most efficient, it is a delicate balance of nature, mind and machine.

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Dynamic Soarning

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  1. Dynamic 40

    logo The DS 40, a zippy-fun slope plane that is also a 250mph+ Dynamic Soaring ship!

  2. Dynamic 60 Dynamic 60

    Dynamic 60

    logo The DS 60, a powerful front side performer that is also a 350mph+ Dynamic Soaring ship!

    Regular Price: $700.00

    Special Price $650.00

  3. Dynamic 80 Dynamic 80

    Dynamic 80

    logo The DS 80.... This plane can withstand the aerodynamic loading of 450+mph......

    Regular Price: $1,100.00

    Special Price $999.00

  4. Dynamic 130

    logo  Weighing in at a beefy, RTF, 42lbs and having been clocked at over 480mph the DS 130 is a world class DS plane.


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4 Item(s)