Argema F3J Carbon

3.6 meters of floaty fun!

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  • In 1996 the FAI recognized F3J as an official FAI event and thus granted it World Championship status. F3J is unique in that, instead of using winches, the typical launch equipment is two people towing a pulley and monofilament line to create a human powered winch launch. Often in F3J competitions, the competitors pull for each other. 

    At 3.6 meters the Argema is one sweet, floaty flyer. The sleek, fully molded design allows excellent penetration and energy retention. Designed as an F3J ship the Argema's true purpose is to be a thermal hunter, yet the flight characteristics are a good compromise between thermal and sport flying. Capable of exciting aerobatics yet built light enough to be a thermal hunter.

    The build construction of the Argema is solid and well thought out. The wing layup is glass, carbon, Herex foam and glass with 48k UMS 2526 carbon roving spars with vertical grain balsa shear webs. The wing joiners are solid carbon.The fuselage is constructed using 3 layer of glass, one layer of carbon cloth, and carbon roving reinforcements. The nose of the fuse, from the wing saddle forward contains no carbon making it 2.4Ghz friendly. The V-tail is a one-piece bolt-on molded unit with pre installed metal, ball link control horns. The servo tray, ballast tube, and pushrods are all pre-installed in the fuse, shaving precious time off the overall build.

    Comes with wing bags

    • Wingspan:       3680mm (144.9in)
    • Length:            1680mm (66.14in)
    • Airfoil:              HN-487
    • CG :                 102 mm  (4.0in) 
    • Empty Weight: 1.422kg  (50.16oz)
    • RTF Weight:    2200kg  (95.24oz) depending on set-up

    Set-up Recommendation:

    • Wing Servos: KST DS135MG x4
    • Tail Servos: KST DS145MG x2
    • RX: FrSky X8R

      Airfoil HN-487
      Wingspan 3680mm
      Wing Area -
      Length 1680mm
      Empty Weight 1.422 Kg (50.16oz)
      RTF Weight 2200g Setup Dependant
      Tail Type Vee
      Recommended Setup Wing Servos: KST DS135MG x4
      Tail Servos: KST DS145MG x2
      RX: FrSky X8R