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ArmSoar GO 2

ArmSoar GO 2

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ArmSoar GO 2

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The GO 2 DLG by ArmSoar
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GO 2 Fiberglass 110g wing - Rainbow
GO 2 Fiberglass 110g wing - Fluorescent Yellow

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GO 2 Light Carbon 100g wing - Fluorescent Yellow

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GO 2 Light Carbon 100g wing - Rainbow
GO 2 Strong Carbon 110g wing - Green

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GO 2 Fiberglass 110g wing - Rainbow 1
GO 2 Light Carbon 100g wing - Rainbow 1






We here at Aloft are pleased to present the GO 2 DLG! An excellent beginner / intermediate ship that has been well received by the DLG community. If you are looking for a fully molded, high quality DLG but are balking at the prices of full on competition ships the GO 2 might be for you!

We carry the GO 2 in 5 different flavors, ranging from the standard fiberglass layup through to the strong carbon. In the specifications bullet list below you will find details about each of the different layup options. The Order/Inventory list above contains the available layup and color combinations that we have in stock. 


 A well thought out design, the GO 2 is manufactured with the aim of having the highest quality and best possible performance for the price. The plane is an obvious step forward when compared to others at this price point. 


The wing and tails are constructed from CNC milled XPS foam cores and laid up in precision CNC-milled aluminium molds. The Zone V2 airfoils give the plane a wide speed range and a good sensitivity to thermals. The modern high aspect-ratio wing provides higher launches, greater speed and improved stability. The one piece fuselage is laid up from multiple layers of spread tow and uni-directional carbon. The ovalized shape resists bending loads, resulting in higher launches. The threaded inserts are pre-installed into the wing saddle, and the nose is very roomy, making radio gear installation easier. All great news for first time builder.

So there you have it, the GO 2. A high performing, contemporary DLG at a very reasonable price. Hope you enjoy!



  •  Airfoil: Zone V2 series
  • Wingspan: 1495 mm (58.8in)
  • Wing area: 20.50 dm^2 (317.8in²)
  • AUW: ~245g (8.64oz) (standard fiberglass layup)
  • CG: 75mm


 Different Layups:

  • Standard Fiberglass: 0.06 fiberglass ~115g (4.05oz)
  • Strong Fiberglass: 0.1 fiberglass ~130g (4.58oz)
  • Light Carbon: Carboline STF ~110g (3.88oz)
  • Strong Carbon: A-Spread STF ~120g (4.23oz)
  • Tails: 0.06 fiberglass / Carboline STF



  • Wing: Solid XPS core, fiberglass / Carboline STF / A-Spread STF
  • Fuselage: Carbon
  • Tails: Solid XPS core, fiberglass / Carboline STF


 Recommended Gear:

  • Receiver: FrSky D4R-II
  • Flaperons: KST X08 
  • Tails: KST X08 
  • Battery: 1s LiPo or  4.8v 480mah 1/3AA NiMH 


 Flaperon Settings:

  • Zoom and Speed: 0 mm
  • Cruise: 2mm (.078in) down 
  • Thermal: 5-10mm (.19 - .39in) down







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