Avionic RCB6i

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A very affordable way to play.

  • We wanted to provide a very approachable way for people to get a taste of the hobby, without having to make a large financial commitment.

    Learning to fly RC using this radio in combination with small, inexpensive foamies is a excellent way to learn to fly. When you are not worried about crashing expensive gear into the ground, your stress level is lowered, you learn faster, and just enjoy flying more; the way it is intended to be.

    Now let us talk about the radio itself. Most importantly it is a 2.4ghz system which will provide you with a secure connection to your plane. The transmitter comes with a compact 6 channel receiver that weighs only 6.5 grams. The transmitter uses 4 AA NiMh batteries for its power (not included) but also can be run on a 2s lipo as the battery connector is a JST. Another very unique feature of this radio is its ability to change from mode 1 to mode 2 nearly instantly. There is a slider on the back of the radio that when slid to the left puts the radio into mode 2, when slid to the right the radio is in mode 1, neat stuff.

    The radio comes with an excellent manual that introduces and familiarizes you with the radio and of course, explains how to add models, use the appropriate mixes, set model timers and so forth. I am excited to tell you that you can read/download the entire manual by clicking here. 

    Should you decided to order this radio you could study the manual while the radio is being shipped to you. By the time it lands on your doorstep you will already know how to program it, before you even open the box!


    • 2.4 GHz FHSS technology
    • 6 Channels
    • 8 Model Memories
    • 3 pre-programmed mixes: Dual Ailerons, Elevons, V-tail 
    • Dual Rates
    • Digital Trims
    • 2 Auxiliary Channels
    • Flight Timer
    • Variable output power and range testing
    • Mode 1 (3) and Mode 2 (4) on flipping a single switch
    • Comes with a 6 channel receiver!