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Avionic RZ8 Receiver


Avionic RZ8 - 6 channels + PPM & Sbus Outputs

  • Avionic have improved the capability of their entry level RCB6i transmitter by introducing the RZ8 receiver. The RZ8 is a 6 channel receiver that also has PPM and Sbus outputs that can be connected to a flight controller which allows the RCB6i transmitter to be used to fly multirotors and other aircraft that employ flight controllers. The Input voltage range has also been increased to 4.8~8.4 giving the RZ8 the ability to be powered directly from either Nimh or Lion batteries.

    Here's a couple of videos showing the bind procedures for both PWM or Sbus modes.


    No. of Channels6 - plus PPM and Sbus Outputs
    Range1200m (3937ft) LOS
    Operating Voltage4.8~8.4V
    Weight10 grams (.35oz)
    Current Consumption45mA